What We Do

    • We represent companies of every size; also, individual sales personnel.
    • We represent only a select group of clients at any one time.
    • We develop and maintain an upscale campaign on your behalf — definitive, assertive as needed, but never annoying or rude.
    • We focus on Quality as well as Quantity of appointments.
    • The men and women who call for us are experienced, comfortable and confident on the phone, able to dialogue successfully with all prospects.
    • Because our background is advertising, marketing and public relations, your organization and its products/services are represented in a most professional/educated way.
    • We do “cold” calling or, we will call behind your mailing piece — which we can create and produce for you.
    • Also, we are a valuable source of “negative” information — why some prospects will not meet with you nor buy your products/services. Our callers are trained to elicit the kinds of information you want from your existing and potential marketplaces.
    • Callbacks are vital! … We maintain a “tickler” system to assure that no one who wants a callback fails to receive one, on schedule.
    • All records maintained on your behalf by Telesell are available for your review at any time.

May I suggest a consultation on any or all of our services, at no charge or obligation?

Please feel free to be in touch at any time.

Telesell America
Renee B Rosen, Director

Note: We see a telemarketing campaign as performed by Telesell America as an integral part of any effective communications effort and a complement to your own overall promotional programs.

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