About Us

Welcome to Tele$ell America

A full service professional telemarketing agency offering our unique style of outbound prospecting to local, regional and national business. We offer 30+ years of experience using the services of sophisticated, professionally trained calling agents who call on behalf of your business.

We match our agents background with our clients needs so that each client receives the most dynamic phone representation available.

We create all the training programs in house using the “Train the Trainer” method. We create all the phone presentations for each client along with necessary support information to allow each calling agent to gain in-depth understanding of the clients needs.

We work with clients in the following industries: business equipment, computer software, medical, home improvements, insurance, financial management, banking, public relations, advertising, real estate, mortgage and many, many more.

If you would like to add your company to our roster of successful clients and have a need for prospecting, appointment setting, surveys, community outreach or information gathering, we are as close as your telephone.

(828) 418-3128

(828) 418-3128